Guest Posting

Guest Posting Submission Tips

Choose high-quality website where your potential usually consumers hangs out

Web traffic that comes on your site doesn’t mean that it always turns into potential customers. So, you need traffic that sticks on your website whether it comes by clicking advertisements or guest posting links. Don’t write and post content like a madman and waste your time in submitting content to a website whose readers aren’t your target audience. It will give you a recent spike in the web traffic but doesn’t last long.

So, choose the high-quality website for guest posting and choose the content that your target audience loves to read. If you choose a flimsy website to link back your site, it doesn’t only adversely affect your traffic but also signals Google and other search engines that you are connected with low-quality sites and you can lose your ranking.

Submit 100% Original Content

High-quality sites concern more about reader experiences. So, they put their golden hours in publishing the best content. Therefore, don’t submit already published or duplicate content (it’s identical or nearly identical to other website content). If you don’t bother about you, your SERP can spike instantly but it will not last long as the Search engine like Google quickly finds out duplicate content and your site may lose its ranking. Thus, publish content just not to get traffic for yourself but also do concern for the publishing site readers and 100% content originality.

Follow the guest posting site guidelines

If you get guest posting guidelines on the website where you would like to publish your content, please follow them. These policies or guidelines are meant to ease the application process for all applicants.

Never include your affiliate links

We all know that guest posting is a way to drive attention to your site from search engines and its potential readers and get great traffic on your website. However, if your post is loaded with your website links, it’s will put a bad impression on the search engines. So you should include your website links, some reference links, and your blog link in your bio. That’s it, more than that may put your website at great risk.

Be your first blog reader

Millions of posts published each day, but a few bloggers are concerned about them. Pay attention to your readers, comment, and get involved in the reader’s community. Be authentically helpful and an asset to your readers.

During the time of submission

Sometimes, a high-quality website takes a lot of time in accepting guest posts. Don’t panic if your submission is showing underway for a long time. Just send them a friendly email and ask them if you may be able to help by submitting a guest blog. Moreover, if your post is rejected, be kind.

After Acceptance

After Acceptance Guest posting Tips

Your job is far from done when your guest post has been accepted. Below-mentioned tips can make viral your post in your potential readers:

  • Interact with readers in the comment section
  • Write an effective bio
  • Build a guest post landing page
list post

Write a list post if you don't want to guest post

Of course you can publish a list post that may bring the top and up and new players in your niche. These posts are also known as roundup or expert posts.